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I've learned so much from Marie, I was kind of lost, but she put me right on track and she helped me so much, but especially how to go for what you want and never give up, and how to talk to agents and how to go get the job and how to just make it happen! My transformation experience with Marie has just been an amazing journey. She has taught me so much. Thank you, Marie, for everything that you've done for me! 

Sienna Hahn, 13 years old
Why your Social Media presence matters + how you can use it to attract agencies to you!
What casting agents & big brands are looking for when scouting models online.
How to stand out online in the competitive industry of models and influencers.
What you should post on Social Media to attract modeling agencies & clients to your profile.
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Marie P. Anderson - Model Industry Expert, Coach, Scout & Founder
Hey, I'm Marie, Model Industry Expert, former fashion model, and the founder of Boss Babe Models. I teach young boss babes how to become professional models and influencers using their unique talents, brand, and inner confidence. 

I do this by sharing over 38 years of experience working with top modeling agencies. 

My online courses and coaching programs teach aspiring models, just like you, how to be discovered and scouted by top agencies and clients. Together, we build your specific modeling career while being true to yourself and maintaining your purpose and dignity. 

Throughout my extensive career, I’ve scouted, developed and placed over 500 models with prestigious agencies, so I can confidently share with you insights on how you can create a successful modeling career while staying happy, healthy, and confident.  Let’s create the modeling career you’ve always dreamed of! You can do this!

- Marie
Alex Crockford | 28 yrs old
I was extremely lucky to gain contact with Marie and she has been an incredible guide all the way through my modeling career. I know that the advice and guidance that I receive from Marie, I can trust.
Natalie Aponte | 17 yrs old
I've only known Marie for a few months, she has helped me more than I could have ever imagined. I can't thank her enough for helping me with some really big decisions in my life. One of those really big decisions is me becoming way more outspoken and changing up my social media.
Stephanie Shapiro | 21 yrs old
Marie took me under her wing. She signed me up with the agency that she was with at the time and became my mother agent. She has taught me so many things about the model industry that I don't think I would ever know if it wasn't for her. I'm so thankful for everything that she's taught me.
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