What exactly is Boss Babe Models?

Founded by model industry expert, Marie P. Anderson, Boss Babe Models is an online coaching and model scouting company. We focus on teaching boss babes how to become professional models while also maintaining their dignity and self-respect.

Are you a traditional model booking agency or a client?

Neither. We are a coaching company that provides guidance for models and their career paths. We do not have a roster of models that we send out to castings. We are not looking for models for specific shoots. However, we do aid models in connecting and communicating with both model agencies and clients if that is their desired outcome. Each client is different and we adapt to their specific needs accordingly.

How do I get started?

Great question! If you are looking for 1x1 coaching with Marie, click the “Coaching” tab to sign up for a consultation with our team. They will be able to better explain how coaching works. If you are looking for help with social media and branding yourself as a model, we would advise visiting the “courses” page to purchase our amazing coaching video. If you are looking for additional resources, click “ free guide”, and visit us on YouTube, Facebook, or Instagram

What can I expect in the video course?

Our social media courses are perfect to learn more about how you should be using social media as a tool for building your modeling career.

What happens during a consultation call?

After scheduling for a call, our consultant will verify your age and location. This helps us ensure that if you are under 18 you have a parent/guardian present and that we know what market you are in. This helps us identify which agencies are in your area and the best way to market you. The consultant will then ask some more questions, along the lines of why you want to model or if you’ve modeled before. They will then explain which type of coaching session would work best for you, private or group coaching. Calls which our consultants are approximately 15-20 minutes long.

What is coaching with Marie like?

After scheduling a day and time with Marie, we recommend being 15 mins ready prior to your session with a good internet connection, pen, and paper. She will then take the lead and answer any questions you previously submitted with the consultant prior to the coaching session. She focuses entirely on your needs and what you consider to be your goals for the call. The last 10-15 minutes of the call is dedicated to a personalized plan made just for you with action steps on how to move your career forward.

Is Boss Babe Models safe?

Yes. We are a coaching company that thrives to teach models to be aware of situations that are dangerous and lower self-value and respect. Each model is taught to build their own toolbox of skills needed to support and protect themselves in the industry. Marie strongly advocates for protecting young models from sexual exploitation and unsafe work environments.

Is Boss Babe Models a scam?

No. We pride in providing unmatched service and expertise for aspiring models. Our Boss Babes learn how to become professional models while also maintaining their dignity and self-respect, which is the best way to thrive in the ever-growing industry. Please read our reviews on our Boss Babe Models Facebook page and on Marie’s professional page: Marie P. Anderson Agent.

Can Marie be my mother agent?

Marie is currently a mother agent to a small group of models. She won’t be adding any models at this time. She is currently focusing on providing the best possible resources and tools for Boss Babe Models. Through her courses and private coaching, Marie provides coaching in all areas including personal branding, social media, mentorship, portfolio prep, agency recommendations, and placement.