About Boss Babe Models

Boss Babe Models is an online coaching and model scouting company that teaches boss babes how to become professional models while also maintaining their dignity, health, and self-respect. BBM was founded by Modeling Industry Expert, Coach & Scout, Marie P. Anderson.

After over 30 years of scouting and placing models with top agencies and later starting her own agency (which she later sold to Ford Models), Marie was ready to change the game. She was tired of seeing confident young models be scammed by multiple agents and other industry creatives by the harsh industry standards that said, “you’re not good enough.”

Through her courses and private coaching, Marie shows aspiring models how to build a successful modeling career without compromising their values. She provides coaching in all areas of their careers including personal branding, mentorship, portfolio prep, agency recommendations and placement.

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Why Boss Babe Models


Our founder and other experts have years of experience in scouting & placing models, branding, social media, and more. All of our coaching and guidance is from our real world experience helping models catapult their careers.


We are dedicated to helping models build their careers by providing them with the best, most personalized service in the industry. From our expert guidance and coaching, we represent our models best interest - always. We never recommend anything that violates a model’s personal values to get a placement.


We require that all models under the age of 18 have a parent be a part of the process when working with BBM. We hold open communication as a high standard with both our models and their parents. We don’t make false promises and let you know exactly what to expect at every stage of your modeling career as you grow.


Everyone deserves an advocate - especially our models. Marie’s advocated for models for over 38 years. She’s written multiple books about how to become a model and given talks on how to become a model, Teen Model Advocacy and Solutions To Fashion Industry Sexual Impropriety and Hostile Work Environments. We pride ourselves on advocating for the models we work with.

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About Marie P. Anderson

Marie is an internationally published author and former fashion model with several decades of experience scouting, developing and managing fashion models from inside every Chicago top fashion model agency.

Entering into the professional fashion business as an adult, Marie quickly became aware of both the exciting, glamorous side of the industry and the darker side, where quite often the human rights of the models weren't considered or addressed openly which led to hostile work environments and ongoing sexual impropriety. Having been a fashion model and client as a studio manager, she was profoundly empathetic to her models and became determined to do better for them other than accepting that status quo. The areas that concerned her then are the same that concern her now, including the rampant eating disorders and drug & alcohol abuse that develop from the traumas being sustained by the models.